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I currently own 2 Allwinner-powered devices, both of them pretty much noname devices.

1. A PengPod 1000 (later version, with a 8188eu wifi chip rather than the 8192cu i gather the early version had)

It is pictured here

On the (now defunct) Pengpod forums, there were several questions what this was a rebadge of, but there were never any official answer. However, it came with a small sticker that said "N500c", and a company called Wayestar made tablets with that naming scheme.

The case (and most likely most of the innards as well) are the same as Inet 1, the touchscreen issue was mentioned on the pp forums as well. The PP1000 identifies as BC1077 rather than PC1007 tho.

Some data about the device (including fex file) are gathered here. I've made a page for it, but it can still be improved..

2. A H3 box

Visual inspection of the board matches HYH-TBH3, but my box says '_p3-' in Build Number. This page matches my box in color, note also the thing on the front of the box that is missing in the wiki page. Turns out it's a gc2035 camera.

Some data about the device are gathered here

If I ever manage to find something resembling a fex file (script_extract segfaults on the android), it needs to be inspected to see what differences, if any, there are.